Bring back the Fosters Cup

When you think of champion teams in recent times, a few spring to mind. You’ve got the dynasty Port Adelaide built in the early 2000s, and the extraordinary Carlton side that swept all before them in 2005. Closer to home, who could forget Scott Turner leading us on our famous run to the 1993 Grand Final…

The Fosters Cup Ansett Cup Wizard Home Loans Cup Nab Cup Marsh Community Series is about as accurate a form guide for the real thing as if you asked my paternal Granddad for his thoughts on the season ahead (he died over 40 years ago and was European). Still, it is footy and it is the Pies that we’re playing on Sunday at the world famous Norm Minns Oval, and I can’t help but wish the pre-season competition as a whole was for a meaningless but very impressive trophy (think the present-day Sheffield Shield for both trophy girth and trophy importance equivalent).

Of course by virtue of the team we’re playing we have the Clinton King Cup to play for this week, which should be enough to spur our Origin-less lads onto victory. Looking forward to seeing Snags Higgins back out there, Collier-Dawkins go about it after the pre-season hype and hopefully getting the chance to boo Adam Treloar.

Incidentally, we got 75,000 to that Ansett Cup final in 1993 – if anything summarizes both the blind passion and naïve optimism of our fans, it’s this. No other club would do that.

There’s much less hype around the pre-season cup nowadays, although I guess in previous years that was directed towards AFLX. Has anyone else noticed it’s not going ahead this year? I’m sure the legions of AFLX supporters both domestically and internationally will be devastated.

Read a ripping summary of pre-season cup highlights as told by Russell Jackson.

Started from the bottom now we’re here

While it would have been great to see the girls take the competition by storm in season one, there is something satisfying in seeing something built from the ground up, a la Richmond from 2010 – 2017.

They are certainly at ground zero at the moment, as the gigantic loss against Norf would suggest. Sabrina Frederick-Traub has Richo-like passion and Conti is sharp but the rest are battling. Here’s hoping they can do better next week against the Giants.


Spotted Alex Rance cycling into the BP service station on Swan Street a few days ago. Clearly either keeping fit for a comeback or potentially even some sort of bike related surprise tactic he and Dimma have cooked up. Looking forward to seeing him out on the G soon.

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