Rebuild! Delist! Sack Hardwick!

Signed up to Kayo yesterday (this is not sponsored content; rather this is the first of probably 5 email address/Mastercard combos that should stretch the 14 day trial out to around 70 days) and watched the AFLM Tigers go about it for the first time since that glorious day last September. Some thoughts I had during our 40 point pre-season loss to Collingwood included:

  • How good is having footy back?
  • Great to see Snags out there
  • Have we reached the point where we finally stop booing Adam Treloar? 

The answer to the last question is a resounding no. Here’s hoping his hamstring injury isn’t too bad so we can boo him come round two.

It looked like a tough hitout, 30 degrees on a hard ground, so to come away with no injuries ourselves is a big plus. We had 14 of last year’s flag winners out on the park yesterday, with only Nankervis missing from both yesterday and the State of Origin. So more or less what we had at the start of last season.

Jake Aarts was the stereotypical pre-season ‘eyecatcher’ for me and the commentators were in the same boat. He might not have set the world on fire, but a few Shane Edwards-esque handballs and a couple of nice tackles certainly did his stocks no harm.

Mind you, getting a game in this 22 is going to be tough – how bloody deep do we go? I’ve never seen us so well stocked in literally every position. In 2017 and 2018 we had huge problems if Jack or Nanke went down, but last year and this year we’ve got covers for both. In fact it wouldn’t be completely amiss to say both of those players are probably #2 in their respective crafts at this club.

While an injury free Jack is likely to reclaim his throne as the chief up forward this year, I can’t see the same happening with Nank. All of 2019 and a fair bit of 2018 we looked a lot better around stoppages with Big Croat, so it will be interesting to see how/if we fit them both in. Nank has played a fair bit of footy as a tall forward so it wouldn’t be out of the question to station him there for the season.

Having three genuine tall forwards sounds like a dream, however it flies completely in the face of the rodent-attack strategy we have employed to great effect over the last few years, even if Nank is a pretty good tackler.

Anyway, we relinquish the Clinton King Cup[1], but we only have to wait until March 26 to win it back.

Carn the Tiges.

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